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I guess the lady would be married but I'm not sure. I do know I made a mistake not asking her to marry me. Her name is or was Pam Bishop and she came from the Wantage area. If anyone knows her could you let me know. Here again. Who gave my post the thumbs up please? LaurieW5 14th Jul I live in the U. She's deceased as on - She had 2 children.

Tony Morgan married to Barbara. He served as a brigadier at the royal palace at some point in his life. May have been born a few years before or after He is also deceased. My grandmother, Agnes Joan McCleary was her other child. She was born on 8, August, She met my grandfather, who was an officer of the U. They married on 29, June, and she moved to the U. They were from somewhere in or around Broxburn. I do not know very much about her. When I was 7 years old, my grandmother, Joan, took me with her to England where we stayed for 3 months to visit her mum who was ill with lung cancer.

The day we arrived, she had to be admitted into the hospital because of complications. She stayed in the hospital for the entire 3 months. We had to return to the U. It may have been a few months later that we received a call that she had passed. My grandmother, Joan as she was called, raised me from an infant. I called her mama mum. She passed away when I was 9, on September 9, My life was traumatized by the loss. My grandfather remarried but no one was like Joan. She was my life. I am trying to find anything that would help me learn about her history.

It will be hard to track. I do not know if her birth certificate even listed her real father, because her mum never married her dad. No clue what the circumstances were. I know she later married someone later with the last name of Turtle, as that was her name. But her son was a Morgan. No idea how that fits in the picture. I feel a connection to my grandmother so deeply. And I want to know where she came from, where she grew up, any other family members I'm unaware of. I found sara turtle death in Was her maiden name mccleary.. NicD 8th Oct Was your Grandad Willie Boyce Garrison?

Married Uphall nr Broxburn, Scotland ? Certificate easily available from Scotlandspeople. NicD 9th Oct Sarah McCleary and John Turtle married in. Bath0n1an 4th Jul Can somebody help me please? David,s family hosted Ian Goodall for several days. Ian and his Wife are visiting the U. I have kept in touch with several of the New Zealand scouts for many years now but I have never been able to put David and Ian back in touch.

Can anybody put me in touch with David Cook please? Tony Madden. Bath0n1an 7th Jul If my memory is correct at Horsecome Brow. David's family hosted Ian Goodall for several days. I have kept in contact for many years now with a number of the New Zealand Scouts who stayed with us. Over the years I have been able to put many of the hosts and visitors back in touch but I have never been able to re-unite David and Ian. Can anybody help me please. They sold this house years ago and moved to Sydney,Australia approx.

Bruce was a lawyer. They had no children but always had two German Shepherd dogs. The last letter I had, approx.

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Is Bruce middle name scott. Hi I am new to this site. I am trying to find an old flame. I was at Stoke Polytechnic from September - July I now live in Poole and have been a widow for 16 years. I have one son who lives with his partner and two step children. They live in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. I believe they may have had a girl Julia Moon born and a son Clifford Moon born Reply Flag as inappropriate. Also can anyone advise me on how I can find out whether he and Patricia Strain had any children? I am trying to locate a friend of mine that I last saw in the early s. I cannot remember his wife's name.

He was a keen Liverpool FC supporter, and had family connections with Liverpool and also with Sheffield. I met him in approximately when he was a lecturer at Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire College of Further Education. We were both keen rock climbers and travelled to various places in the UK to climb.

If this information triggers any recognition in anyone I would be very keen to know more. Can anybody recognize this name please Birkenshaw Bradford west yorkshire Joyce Simpson buttery Reply Flag as inappropriate. Does anybody have any information about joyce Simpson who married John buttery in birkenshaw Bradford they later divorced Anything would be helpful thank you Reply Flag as inappropriate.

CarolM 19th Jun Albert Wells, I also had a message from you and cannot find it. AngieR3 19th Jun Hello albert wells You left me a message, but I cannot find it Reply Flag as inappropriate. Had a office partition company. We used to be such good friends we used to go round with Nigel from Carshalton. We used to go dancing at the Woodstock Cheam. Why did we lose contact. Asok 16th Jun Rhino 12th Jun Sorry,i did'nt put my name,I am David Pratten,looking to get intouch with Christine Bennett,that is her maiden name,any info would really be gratefull,thsnk you.

Rhino 11th Jun Hi everyone,i am looking to get intouch with a girl i knew in ,Her name is Christine Bennett maiden name ,she used to live on brackenwood drive Leeds 8,it would be really nice if i could trace her. TerryM1 30th May Did anyone go to either of these schools in Sheffield, in the ,s.

Acres Hill Junior School. Darnall C of E School. Waltheof School when it first opened in Hello from New Zealand I am trying to trace my family tree Anybody have any information on joyce Simpson born She married John stanely Buttery in 19 54 At st Paul's church Birkenshaw Bradford west Yorkshire they divorced a few years later I would be very grateful of any information Thank you so much Reply Flag as inappropriate. TerenceG2 26th May Its great to be here, my name is Terence Gill, aged 64, I've lived in Darlington county Durham, and back again to my home to of Bradford, west Yorkshire, it would be fantastic to hear from anyone who knows me Tsylv 24th May My name is Tina Bell.

I arrived in Australia in from London Reply Flag as inappropriate. Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to be part of this. Would be great to hear something Reply Flag as inappropriate. LynnW53 18th May GregoryK 16th May DonB3 11th May JaneM 4th Aug Winifred i was born in She married a man caller Palmer they had 3 children. She then married a man called Swales.

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I can find her in Scarborough up until She is a home type place. After that nothing. AngieR3 4th May No longer lives there but would like to get in contact again His mother was Janet R J Elliot and his father was also called Sydney. I think he had a brother but do not recall his details. I have looked in BT phone book but there is little information as they only state peoples initials Reply Flag as inappropriate. DavidM46 2nd May Still looking for my cousins address in Brighton -BT phone book doesn't let you look at all the names like you can in a printed copy and the search for Paul Sherrel or Janet Sherrel only shows someone called Mike Sherlock , I have even been in contact with the Brighton and Hove council but no joy there , is it Privacy legislation that is making such a simple task so difficult?

NicholasKarabineris 16th Apr I am looking for my siblings, all I know is that they are from U. I was born in Kingston, Ontario Dec 3, I also know that our parents were lost in an accident and our grandmother was raising us at that time. Adopted by relatives in the UK. DamianRandleexRochdale 15th Apr Looking for Brenda Simpson, lived in Rochdale, Craiglands. Would be delirious to receive a text on BillD5 7th Apr I am looking for Alan Smith, who lived in Ringwood and now in Poole or Bournemouth, whose mum was Marilyn Moira Smith, he is married to Tracey, has three children and ran in the Bournemouth Bay half marathon in Reply Flag as inappropriate.

AftabK 6th Apr Hi ,I am looking for three siblings in the UK. DeborahG38 6th Apr Flat51 30th Mar Hello i am searching for a friend who lived in West Derby, Liverpool in the s. She was a math teacher at a catholic junior school. She had young daughter about a year old, around , who would be about 31 or 32 now. Lorraine is of mixed race, her mother is or was white, her father Chinese. If anyone knows Lorraine or remembers her, please ask her to get in touch with Liz. I'm looking for an old flame whom I met over christmas when she was over in Kenya on holiday staying with a Dr.

Ian Batey. I still live in Kenya and would like to catch up with her Reply Flag as inappropriate. I am looking for an old friend from the s. His name was Bernard Horan but we all called him Happy. He became a policeman and probably did very well in the police force. He went to St. Benedicts Priory Ealing and I went to St. Anne's Convent Ealing. I am hoping to find old friends through Silversurfers.

JazzyB 16th Mar To jinjinny. You don't say which area your looking for your dad. But I hung with a large group of bikers in and around Bolton in the Also your mum's name even first name could help. Jinjinny 19th Feb His name is not on birth certificate and the information I did get was from a relative and that was all they knew! Am stumped at what to do!! Any ideas would be appreciated!!

AnnieAnnAn 11th Mar You should definitely do an ancestry dna test. That way you might match with family members on your fathers side. That is how I found my birth family I was adopted and was not able to obtain my adoption record. JoyceQ 12th Feb Hi I am searching for my friend she is seeking her twin sisters Susan Agnes and Edith Margaret Jones birth name born Liverpool, if your reading this Yvonne would love to hear from you Thank you for the add Reply Flag as inappropriate. Jeron 10th Feb Surname unknown, possibly living Yorkshire, Had connections with Frozen Goods.

Any help appreciated.. CarolM 5th Feb Another person to find. Had a daughter Helen Goffredi, who would be about 50 ish now. She passed away about 15 years ago. Would love to correspond once again with her sister Yvonne. I am trying to locate an old friend who lived in Stonebridge Park, Middx in the 's. Her name is Margaret Taylor. She was and only child, but was born a twin, she was a redhead and would be about now.

I don't remember her parents' names but her Dad was a train driver on the local lines. Any help will be appreciated. CarolR93 30th Jan Beck4uok 28th Jan I'm trying to find a Shaun Haye born in Salford. HelenD54 25th Jan DavidM46 3rd Jan MaureenB33 29th Jan The postcode suggests it is Effingham Close, Saltdean, Brighton, probably number 11 which comes after the name in your information.

I send parcels with my name, house number and postcode which is what post office recommends. Was Sherrell her maiden name.. GaryW7 26th Dec We were close friends definitely in whilst on a deployment to America. Nobody seems to know his first name or his whereabouts. RebeccaA6 22nd Dec They would have been about years old in or so during this class project. We hope that he is doing well, and has had a wonderful life, but would like to know for sure. Any help would be appreciated. Looking for my close girlfriend from ,name Margaret New would be about 62 now.

She lived in Worlds end avenue Harbourne Birmingam and went to Lordswood grammer school for girls. Have sent a Christmas card to the address but came back from the neighours informing me that her Mother moved to a Bungalow in Quinton 19 years ago but never new the address. If anybody can help please get intouch,Robert W. Truda56 26th Nov Have done the family tree and believe the following people are grandchildren - John S Pierce b. I have a box of letters, postcards and photos from the Peirce family which I would like to pass on, as we were in the pub in the 's. Thank you for any help!

JerryB8 23rd Nov Married whilst there. Not sure of her married surname name, can you Help? HelenD54 18th Nov SueG98 16th Nov Looking for an old school friend from London. Her name was Christine Jordan but her married name was Christine Bolton. We went to parliament hill fields girls school. She was born in the same year as me and she lived in Kentish town Reply Flag as inappropriate. MalcolmI6 7th Nov Looking for old kids from Rauceby Lincolnshire Even to hear from anyone who went to Sleaford secondary in the late sixties. JulieS 12th Oct ChrisC 4th Oct Looking for old friends from Leytonstone or Leytonstone.

I lived in Asheville road growing up. Anyone out there remember me Reply Flag as inappropriate. Hello, I am tracing the family of an Arthur Clements from Leytonstone who served in the Royal Navy during World War 2 this wouldnt be your husbands family would it? ArjanM 3rd Oct SandyA1 3rd Oct Hi, another long shot but I am looking for my long lost sister.

Would love to find her. Many thanks. JoanneC79 20th Sep Hi it's a long shot I was on holiday last week in Benidorm and met a gentleman named Martin age 56 from Falmouth stupidity never got his phone number and would love to get in touch with him Reply Flag as inappropriate. Shelfside 5th Sep Long shot I know, but you never know Without going into detail, I lost contact with my two children, Sophie and Paul about 15 years ago, who to the best of my knowledge are living in Scarborough, maybe with their mother, Marina.

However they are respectively aged 20 and 24, so that may not be the case. I would so dearly love to get in touch with them, and am running out of ideas, so any help would be most welcome. Well, here goes nothing!

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Sweetpea5 26th Aug Unfortunately I do not have a birth date or place of birth hence unable to trace. I would just like to know anything, whether she is still living even. I believe her to be by birth mother and would just like to know. Any information would be most welcome. Tracey Reply Flag as inappropriate. YvonneP7 25th Aug Walt was my Nan's brother.

It would mean a great deal for my mum. Anne Oldham 23rd Aug ChristineC 21st Aug She married a Paul Penrose of Redruth on 19 February She had a daughter called Elizabeth Penrose b , who married a George Commons, who suffered an early demise, then married William Davies in Truro on 27 June That couple emigrated to New Zealand. When googling "Tredinnicks in Cornwall" it appears there are hundreds! I would love to make contact with some of you, to see if I can extend my Ancestry tree. I 'm looking for I'm looking for a friend which i grew up with in broughton Road, Skipton.

GaryW64 15th Aug Hi trying to contact Paul Welsh my cousin. Think he was born in in Flixton. Cuilcheanna 12th Aug Looking for school friend Catherine mccoustra aged 74,Scottish but now living in Spain,and has fine for many years think she may have two daughters. Tommyboybrassy 5th Aug Hello everyone my name is Tommy Batchelor. I am looking for a very dear friend Girlfriend from around her name was at this time Derrin Smith she lived in sunnydale road Ilford. At the time I lived at Park Avenue East ham. Love Tom Reply Flag as inappropriate. Steve21 4th Aug Simojcem14 1st Aug Hi I am looking for a few people.

John Lyons from Liverpool England. In early he would hav even 17 or Also Alan Webster from Liverpool also. From Lewis in town. He lived with his sister in West Derby. My name back them was Janet Simpson I lived on portlet road. Went to Holly lodge school. Alba19 31st Jul Hello All, I'm new here having come across the site on a search of club 18 - 30 website hoping to find archives of a holiday I had with them back in July of drawing a blank.

Undettered I hope to in due course uncover some information to help me further my search. Back in I just met the criterion of age 30 travelling solo I went on to meet some fantastic people male and female and to this day can still picture a group of them doing the conga through my room.

Later on a couple of people tri3d to look me up but as things go I was too busy building a relationship to bother replying which of course I now regret. Well that's me bybthevway of an introduction, and once I get to know the workings of the site better, and grateful for any tips I can get. Thank you Bill Reply Flag as inappropriate. AnnaW6 22nd Jul Steve21 17th Jul We lost contact and I would love to know where she is.

Dennis Dennis 17th Jul Crispins School, Had lovely red hair but at the time liked it black, worked at London Bottle Closures, I think her Mums name was Queenie, we went out together a few times and would love to get back in touch. I have lived in Australia since and will be in the U. If anyone can help me then please get in touch Via.

ClareH31 12th Jul She is the half sister of my husband Steve Hobbis. She did make contact some time ago and was living in Spain at the time. We have lost her contact details and would love to reconnect. MarwanS 4th Jul Lost contact with her since and when I had to leave to Chicago for further tudying. I would love to see her picture again now days in order to erase her previous beauty from my mind for some 36 years ago Any help!!!

Wellyboot 2nd Jul AnnaA3 28th Jun Seeking Gillian Brett who lived next door no 6 West drive in Tooting Bec from to My father got us matching dresses and we new each other for some years after I m8ved to North London. I do recall bumping into her in the the London College of Fashion spring ish in the Lift. Would be great to meet up so I can invite you to my wedding. Christiana 26th Jun She married Joseph Masterson in Birmingham in and I have found she had one daughter, Maureen, but believe there were other children.

Family lived at Alleyne Rd, Erdington. Any information much appreciated. Gary Anstis here in Brisbane. Hi Looking for Susan Morgan as was from Liverpool. Trained as a teacher in the 70s in Sunderland. Lost touch with her late 70s. MaryMargaretK 9th Jun Hello, I am looking for Dennis Cook, we were friends in the mid 70's so he must be in his early 60s now. He had a brother named Colin and was from Plymouth. HelenD54 4th Jun Searching for David Brooking who used to live in Battersea on Mallison road in early 70s. My husband, Michael Greene, would like to connect.

He should be HelenD54 28th May Should have read maiden name Reply Flag as inappropriate. I would think she would be married so i only have her surname Reply Flag as inappropriate. Ray 11th May I can't remember her surname but i know that she or her family came from either Ascension or Christmas Island and played bingo in the early eighties. Her parents ran or managed a filling station on the edge of Bournemouth on the Ringwood side and lived nearby. The reason for trying to find her is that I now having a limited time left after a bone marrow transplant.

Can anyone help? AnneD6 1st May I am looking for an old school friend Olwen Jones born Olwen is my daughter Michelles godmother. I would love to find her. On her first marriage was Olwen Smith. Worked at Inland Revenue. Sister Shirley. HelenD54 27th Apr Roz khan 24th May Wish you best of luck Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Would really like to catch up with anyone from those days. CliveT4 9th Apr I'm looking for a old friend who was for a time at Nelson Hall teacher training college Stafford in I think she worked for a time for British Rail Manchester in the early 60s. I'm not sure how long they lived in Oldham or whether there are any children from the marriage. I have a hunch, but only a hunch, that they may have moved towards north Wales e. I would like to get back in touch with Lesley to catch up on the 60 intervening years!

Fifeman 2nd Apr Hello everyone, l'm trying to find a nice couple that my wife and l spent time cruising back to the UK from South Africa in April on the Windsor Castle. Thanks for reading this. McRobbie 2nd Apr I'm trying to find a very good friend who I knew in the early sixties - I was extremely fond of him but he was in the army at that time and often overseas.

WHen I knew him he was looking forward to leaving the army. I met him at a dance in Strichen but we from time to time caught up in Northampton Shire. Such a long time ago but I often wonder if he was able to follow his dreams and happy with life Like to connect Trying to catch up with old friends from Locarno, Hull I was a DJ there in the late 60's Particularly 'Lou" Hedgecock? Great times! Boudle 31st Mar For years I have wondered about the whereabouts of Andy Howarth.. Someone that good should be easy to trace but so far no luck. We get to the other end of our lives just wanting to know how it went for past friends.

I am looking for Dianne Southgate who I have not seen for many years but often pops up in my memories, she used to live in Llandovery and joined the RAF in the 80s. I am looking for the address or mobile number ,for mrs Jean Olive Kelly,living in the Bournemouth, as i have lost contact numbers, thank you Reply Flag as inappropriate.

MattA 24th Mar I left for Sydney Australia thirty years ago, and have been looking constantly. She lived with her Mum and Dad in Chadwell Heath. England but moved to London and had a position in an advertisement company. Janice visited me at college and typed my thesis many years ago. She was a talented, bright and had a beautiful smile.

I do miss her. I returned to London for two weeks last year weeks to find her but to no avail. Any help would be most appreciated. MeenaM 23rd Mar Looking for Tony Morgan - born January 2nd, ! Last know address was London - I'd like to get back in touch with him after well over 30 years!! MarkA 23rd Mar LyleP 14th Mar Hi am trying to find anyone who knew me in Herford west germany, between would love to catch up Reply Flag as inappropriate. JoanA2 13th Mar I am looking for a high school classmate. She married and as far as I know lives in England.

He name is Lois Blatnick Sharp. She married Stanley R. I will be visiting England in September, , and would love to meet up with her. Ally65 2nd Mar Hi im looking for people who went to Hindhouse comprehension sheffield. Dates from to early 80s. I was formerly Alison Judge emmigrated to Australia in Friends Karen Rumberlow and Catherine Whitiker. Also went to Limpsfield middle school in 70s. Would love to hear from anyone who new me. Devon66 1st Mar Can someone help me contact him please. I'm martin card Reply Flag as inappropriate. AngieT9 28th Feb We lost touch in about he was living in Walsall at the time.

His date of birth is 1st March Reply Flag as inappropriate. I am looking for a few people, met only briefly, whose names are either incomplete or forgotten, but whose memories are vividly connected to places, dates, events. Something like: "I am looking for a beautiful blond girl with blue eyes, met in Scarborough on August 12, We danced together for most of the evening at the KitKat Club. Unfortunately, I was leaving the following day, and you never gave me your address But I never forgot you.

LesleyT3 12th Feb I am trying to find an old friend.

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From the s Sarah Naylor as then will be 61 on the 21 st March this year , lived east newton road aldbrough n. Humberside had a sister Liz. GeneA 17th Feb Glad to have been of help, enjoy you reunion Reply Flag as inappropriate. CarrieD 12th Feb We are trying to find our old friends that we worked with in Falcon Hotel, Stratford upon Avon around Their names were: dale gibson, John and Teresa Clopton.

DavidG19 1st Feb She had a brother called John who was born in Jaradad 29th Jan GeneA 2nd Feb LeslieR 21st Jan EirianG 20th Jan My parents Eirlys and Wyn Griffiths lived with them for a while when they first got married, my dad was a police man in Wrexham in the 50s. Mam would love to Speak to Peter Jones he was a mechanic like his dad. Michael went to live with a family named Thorne in Leeds and we went to love there also.

My last contact with Michael was when we immigrated to Australia. I am john bernard freeman, born sunderland dec 5th and am looking for my brother michael freeman born late jan Reply Flag as inappropriate. I am trying all channels to find him as we are now both in our 70s someone please help as I am in Australia and don't know where else to look. Any contact details for Yvonne Bowles? Surname may have changed, she lived in Highworth, Wilts in 's.

Was married to Michael and had two children, Daniel and Michaela I think. Some say their is a retired police officer living in Osbourne Gardens close to Wallington police station,could it be him. I need to talk to his daughter,at this party we were at in carshalton near Wrythe Green it sadly ended in tears why I don't know and for 47 years I've been trying to find this lass,then she was 5. Can anyone help me please. Thankyou Reply Flag as inappropriate. Oofie 19th Dec Last time I saw her, she was living in Niddrie, Edinburgh, please get in touch if you happen to read this 'Dorina';- , or anyone else who does n' knows of her, fingers x'd.

Stret17 18th Dec Hi I am looking for a man called Derek Fowler. He was in the army not sure if he still is and I was told he lived in Nuneaton Warwickshire around I believe he's my farther. I've never met him or even knew his name until last week. Any information big or small would be great.

Thanks Reply Flag as inappropriate. Try Good Luck Reply Flag as inappropriate. Lizzie54 23rd Nov Hi looking for any relatives of Alfred Sydney Brown he was born Chesterfield area he went into the army and was a japanese prisoner of war believe he had a twin either Cynthia or Christine he was my dad and have never had any contact with any of his family Reply Flag as inappropriate. PhyllC 22nd Nov I am searching for Stanley Ernest Cook. He is a Londoner. He had spent some years in the Merchant Navy and had loved Singapore where he had visited during those years.

He would have been born around He was married with at least one daughter. Would love to find him. JillianF 20th Nov I'm looking for Mick I knew him as.

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Michael Edward Hodges. Last known at Latchmere Rd Kingston Surrey in the 60's. She kept it quiet for her own reasons. I haven't been able to locate him since then. Anyone know the Name? Johnboy 15th Nov Looking for classmates who went to the bluecoat school Oldham Reply Flag as inappropriate. CopperPenny 14th Nov I am looking for work colleagues of my late father who worked as a painter and decorator in the 50's and early 60's for London County Council and also for Ford's in Dagenham during the 60's and 70's. Shawki 26th Oct I am trying to find my cousin in England I have not seen for 40 years and am having trouble.

How can I locate his current address and phone number? MickDutton 23rd Oct Any old Madly College students out there. Particularly from the onwards era? Bolton 19th Oct I am looking for a dear girlfriend who I went steady with around in Nuneaton Warwickshire livid in Greenmoor Road Nuneaton. Her maiden name was Jacqueline Webb. I migrated to Australia and we lost contact. Jackie had a sister Cheryl terrific girl. Father's name Dudley. Mother, lovely person but don't recall her name. Did track her down in Jackie was married by then.

I now live in Las Vegas. We lived next door , were very good friends and Pat and I used to write to each other while at school, and later in the army, but I lost contact after moving down to London and last saw her in I hope she has had a lovely life and it would be nice to know. MariaG6 14th Oct My name was Maria Vickers, now Maria Gosling.

Seeking Jennifer Collins. Old friend from in North Blackpool. Probably born around Had a younger sister. I left town for the Middle East. Rosebudstratton 8th Oct Still searching for Katie and Emma Simpson who use to live in Southall Middlesex with parents Rosemary and Stewart moved to Germany in they had a Siamese cat and Paddy a dog would love to meet them again can anyone help been looking for them for a very long time please x Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Any information would be of great help as I have only recently discovered his birth and it would mean a great deal to my mum his half sister. Hi , I'm looking for an old friend , of many years ago, called Sheila Womersley whose last known address was 27, Montserrat road ,Bradford. Her age now must be late 60s or there abouts. Any info will be gratefully appreciated Reply Flag as inappropriate.

Keithjmorgan 23rd Sep Looking to trace some good friends - June and Terry Brown who lived in Nottingham UK area in 's and '90s Lost touch when we emigrated to Australia 11 years ago Any contact details appreciated Keith Morgan Reply Flag as inappropriate. Claire35 17th Sep Hi I'm looking for my half brother Andrew Harvey I've been searching ages I still had no luck last saw him great London I was 8 years old ,he had blond hair as a baby his father was Robert harvey Reply Flag as inappropriate. Claire35 29th Sep Hi im looking for an old girl friend from the 80s we were very close we met in SWANAGE DORSET when she was on holiday we had some great times together while it lasted ive never forgotten her to this day and it ended with her parents stopping her from seeing me any more and now im just thinking if we could catch up and she is ok i know her maiden name was heather birch and she live in nottingham area thats it thank you would be nice to know she is still her bouncy self Reply Flag as inappropriate.

JamesP4 30th Aug ColinHirst 29th Aug ColinHirst 21st Aug PauletteW 20th Aug I am looking for a cousin her Mother was Ruth Williams born in Devonport she married in to a William Cunningham. My aunt was charge for claim for a child she did not have in and sent to prison. In the she married a Ernest E Frearson she was already married so was charge with bigamy. My aunt was on electoral register in in Enfield. If it isn't listed, click "Other Email Service. Enter the email address and password for your email account with the contact you want to find.

Click "Find Friends. Locate the contact you want to find on Facebook and click the square next to his name. Click "Add Friends" in the bottom right corner of the window to send a friend request. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us.

Step 1 Log in to your Facebook profile on the Web. Step 2 Enter the person's email address in the search bar at the top of the Facebook page and click "Enter" to search. Step 3 Click the name of the contact on the results page. Click "Add Friend" to send a friend request. Step 2 Select your email service provider from the list available.

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Step 3 Enter the email address and password for your email account with the contact you want to find.