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Code , par. The provisions of this section of the Civil Code have been embodied substantially in the Revised Code of , paragraph It will be seen, therefore, that the filing of the new declaration of homestead by the Holdens on March 25th, , excluding lot 14, had the effect of re-establishing appellant's lien upon said lot Nevertheless, appellee's mortgage lien, having attached to that lot in the meantime, must be held to be prior and superior to the lien of appellant.

Maricopa County Recorder

It was not error, therefore, for the trial court to grant appellee's motion for a new trial, and the judgment and order granting said motion is affirmed. The Honorable Chief Justice A.

Back to Results. Download Print Get alerts. Wheeler Perry Co. Mortgage Bond Co. Browse cases. Cases citing this document How cited In re Renner Arizona law requires that the homestead exemption be liberally construed to further its fundamental purpose:… Guaranty Bank v.

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LaSalle Nat. Bank Ass'n The Arizona Supreme Court considered the sufficiency of a property description on similar facts. Summaries written by judges Summaries upholding homestead exemption despite omission of block number in description of land Summary of this case from Manicom v. Civil No. Filed December 27, See 13 Cal. Copy with citation. Cases citing this case How cited In re Renner Arizona law requires that the homestead exemption be liberally construed to further its fundamental purpose:… Guaranty Bank v.

Are you looking for legal assistance? Evidence that an immigrant completed citizenship requirements can be found in censuses, court minutes, homestead records, passports, voting registers, and military papers. Persons living in the territory in and those residing in the area of the Gadsden Purchase were automatically granted U. Naturalization records for later immigrants were filed in the district courts.

They were recorded in the U. Since then, naturalization records have been filed in the superior courts, except for Maricopa County in which the U. Declarations, petitions, certificates, and other early records from about to are located at the National Archives—Pacific Region Laguna Niguel and the Department of Libraries, Archives and Public Records.

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The Family History Library has copies of many of these Arizona naturalization records on microfilm for In the Immigration and Naturalization Service now United States Citizenship and Immigration Services was created, forms were standardized and duplicate records were created by the courts and sent to the INS. Arizona Research Outline.

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Probate-free beneficiary deeds must follow Arizona law

They use those sale prices in reassessing tax values of nearby, similar homes. But, in due time, the market value of the entire neighborhood changes.

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In Maricopa County, for example, annual reassessments are the rule. Some counties use change detection software to compare their new aerial photos with older ones. Other counties may use different tools, but the basic approach is the same. If its assessed value grows, your tax bill will grow, even if the tax rate stays the same, says Martin Marshall, county administrator in Lenawee County, Michigan.

Aim to show that homes with similar tax values are better than yours.

Maricopa County Assessor indicted on adoption fraud

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