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Ads by Google. The property is classified as a single family dwelling. Construction was completed in According to the plan, there are ten rooms and five bedrooms, three full baths. This is a single floor house. The total size of the living area is 1, sqft. The property is located on a plot of 8, sqft. The lot is ft in depth and 58 ft in width. As for parking options, they are as follows: attached garage, 2 spaces, sqft garage. The ZIP code for this address is and the postal code suffix is Ads by BeenVerified More about this property.

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  • Neighbors' Age Distribution The graph shows the distribution of age groups in the neighborhood based on data for the households located nearby. Saratoga in a Nutshell Please see our full analysis of Saratoga here. Search my Location View information about the place where you are now. Brian Kuo is associated with this address. London Tyzack and C. Italian Greyhounds P.

    At the first dog show held at the Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne in , there were 17 Italian Greyhounds listed. But there were only three listed at the second dog show also held at the Exhibition Buildings the following year in Of these, only 'Jessie' owned by Mr Kong Meng of Albert St, presumably what is now North Melbourne, was only one of which was listed in both and shows. Then in at 'Second Grand Exhibition' held by the 'National Society of Victoria' which preceded the 'Royal Melbourne Show', there were 4 Italian Greyhounds listed, none of which have either dogs or people's names which correspond to any of the other catalogues.

    But Tyzacks does state Mr Julian Thomas imported 'The Vagabond' with no further information except it was before Quarantine Regulations were introduced here in [2]. After , Italian Greyhounds disappeared here until History of the Italian Greyhound Mosiac - Cave Canem The Italian Greyhound probably originated in Egypt as a breed in its own right, rather than being a miniaturized version of a Greyhound. Sighthounds France However, there were some wonderful breed descriptions written in this period.

    For example this word picture of the Italian Greyhound's unique gait penned by Stonehenge in describes this as a ' Italian Greyhound c History of the Italian Greyhound in Australia As the concept of Stud Books did not evolve in Australia until well into the 's, any Italian Greyhounds imported into Australia in these early days had no means of accurately recording them. Italian Greyhound c 's As this website is written and published in Melbourne where we have an extensive Library, we can paint some sort of a picture from early show catalogues.

    Comparison between Italian Greyhound, Whippet and Greyhound An excellent way to understand the Italian Greyhound is by comparing him to his closest relatives, the Whippet and the Greyhound. Ideally weight is 3. Desirable height is dogs cms Ideal Height is dogs cms ins with bitches being cms ins Italian Greyhound Whippet Greyhound Gait The Italian Greyhound has a unique high stepping action as described above. Never-the-less it should be free with the front and hind legs moving forward in a straight line with great propulsion but not high stepping action from the rear.

    The Whippet should move with long, easy strides with great freedom, whilst holding its topline. Its forelegs should be thrown forward, low over the ground and not high stepping. The hind legs should come well under the body giving great propulsion from the rear. The Greyhound should have a straight, low reaching , free stride enabling it to cover the ground at great speed.

    The hind legs should come well under body giving it great propulsion from the rear. Head The long, flat and narrow skull ends with a slight stop. The muzzle is also long and fine, with a dark nose.

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    • The long, flat, rather wide skull ends with with a slight stop. The muzzle is powerful with clean cut jaws. Nose is either black or corresponds to the coat colour. A butterfly nose is permissible in white or parti-coloured dogs. The long, flat, moderate width skull ends with a slight stop. The jaws are powerful and well chiselled. Eyes The rather large eyes are bright and full of expression. The oval eyes are bright and full of expression.

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      The oval eyes are bright, intelligent, obliquely set and preferably dark. Ears The ears are placed well back , rose-shaped , soft and fine, but not pricked. The small ears are rose-shaped and fine in texture. Mouth Jaws strong with a complete scissor bite Jaws strong with a complete scissor bite Jaws strong with a complete scissor bite, Italian Greyhound Whippet Greyhound Neck The neck is long and gracefully arched. The neck is long, muscular and elegantly arched. It is well let into shoulders. Forequarters The shoulders are long and sloping.

      The forelegs, with their strong bone and pasterns should be straight and set well under the shoulders. The shoulders are well laid back with flat muscles. There is moderate space between the shoulder blades and the chest is not too wide. When viewed in profile, the upper arm is approximately of equal in length to the shoulder blade and placed so that the elbow falls in a line directly under the withers. The moderately boned forelegs are straight and upright but the strong pasterns have a slight spring.

      The shoulder blades are oblique and well set back. The shoulders are muscular without being loaded, and cleanly defined at the withers. The chest is narrow. The elbows are free and well set under shoulders. The forelegs are long and straight with good bone ending in moderately long and slightly sprung pasterns which should not incline either in or out. Feet Hare feet Oval feet, well split between the toes Compact feet with toes of moderate length Italian Greyhound Whippet Greyhound Body The deep chest is narrow but the ribcage and brisket are long.

      The back has a slight arch over the loin but there is much more arch and steeper croup than the Whippet or the Greyhound, causing the Italian Greyhound's high stepping front action. The chest or brisket is very deep with well sprung ribs. The somewhat long back is broad, firm and well muscled, showing a graceful arch over the loin, but not humped. Instead, the loin should give the impression of strength and power.

      Italian Greyhound

      The underline has a definite tuck up. The chest is deep and capacious, providing adequate heart room. The ribcage is deep, with well sprung ribs carried well back. The rather long back is broad and square with a powerful, slightly arched loin. In profile the flanks well cut up. Hindquarters The well muscled first and second thighs make the hind legs parallel when viewed from behind. The stifles should be well bent with the hocks well let down.

      The well developed hindquarters are broad and strong across the first and second thighs. The stifles well bent without exaggeration, with hocks well let down, enabling the dog to stand naturally over a lot of ground. The first and second thighs are wide and muscular, showing great propelling power.

      Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation Inc

      The stifles well bent and the hocks short, inclining neither in nor out. The body and hindquarters are well coupled together, enabling the dog to cover adequate ground when standing. Tail The long, fine tail is low set and carried low.