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Christian Counseling of Knoxville is a non-denominational ministry.

Christian Marriage Counseling

We open a warm, welcoming, and private environment to individuals, couples, and families who are in need of professional counseling and a personal relationship with God. Our goal is to make disciples of God through healthy marriages that lead to a purposeful life. We aim to strengthen the Christian faith that is rooted in every marriage, in every relationship, and in every family.

The course of your life may not always go as planned. Certain circumstances may have led you to a journey you have never imagined your life would be at. At times, you find yourself asking why, what, and how your life has changed.

keys to a strong, healthy and passionate marriage~ Christian sermon by Dave Willis

It is in these moments that you feel abandoned, unloved, unappreciated by the people you love and most of all by the God you believe in. Many people question their faith through the difficult and challenging times. If you are one of them, let me tell you the truth.

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You do not have to hurt yourself further by doubting your faith. It takes courage to take responsibility for your life.

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It takes strength to accept that you need help, support, and guidance. This is where Christian Counseling of Knoxville comes in to help you.

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Since we opened our doors to individuals, couples, and families in , we have established a reputation as a trusted provider of marriage counseling Knoxville TN. We continue to reach out to more people who are in need of significant change in their marriage, family, and personal life. This is our mission, to make disciples of God through faithful marriages and families.

Make the right decision to renew your faith and strengthen it for your loved ones. They are having trouble communicating.

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Trust has eroded and in many cases sex is almost nonexistent. I also regularly see fundamentally strong couples that are facing a specific crisis and want the aid of a professional. Is your life not quite where you would like it to be?

Are you struggling with relationships, your job, or your career? Are you trying to solve these problems by yourself and feeling stuck or like something is missing? Feeling misunderstood?


Many individuals and couples seek Terri out because they are seeking faith based counseling. Skip to content Please Terri Allen Atwood, M. Couples Counseling I often hear from couples who are in despair, they are frightened that their relationship is beyond help.