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One helicopter was reserved for Stevie, Jimmie and Jimmie's wife Connie. Eager to return to Chicago, Stevie asked Jimmie and Connie for the last seat.

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With dense fog settling in, the helicopters began departing at 1 a. The helicopter collided into a ski slope; everyone on board was killed instantly. Reports of the accident didn't begin surfacing until the morning when the helicopter failed to reach its destination of Meigs Field in Chicago. Shortly after 7 a. By the third song, Vaughan was playing like he wished there were a few more frets on his battered Stratocaster and his Double Trouble trio drummer KO'd the head on his snare drum.

But, after Eric Clapton finished his set, at pm — to ear-deafening applause — he introduced "the best guitar players in the entire world.

After 20 minutes, they finished off the tune, the lights went up, and the musicians strolled off stage. Stevie Ray Vaughan was last off stage, giving one final good-bye before he disappeared into the darkness of backstage. Thinking ahead, tour manager Skip Rickert had reserved helicopters from Omni Flights to bypass congested highway traffic after the concert.

The helicopters chosen were Bell B Jet Rangers, which were enough for five people to be seated, including the pilot. However, a miscommunication between Stevie's and Eric Clapton's management happened, as three members of Clapton's staff - Clapton's Hollywood agent Bobby Brooks, body guard Nigel Browne and assistant tour manager Colin Smythe - took three seats on the helo.

Leaving only one seat on the helicopter, and with SRV being anxious to get back to Chicago, he asked his brother, Jimmie, if he could take the last seat on the third helicopter. Since he didn't want to be separated from his wife, Jimmie told him that was fine — the couple would just catch the next helo flight to Chicago's Midway Airport.

In the dense fog and pitch-black night — later described by a corporate pilot who attended the concert to NTSB officials as having a vertical visibility being good and horizontal visibility variable, though at most times more than a mile - the helicopters were clear for lift off at that morning. Greg Rzab, a member of the Buddy Guy blues band who was on one of the four helicopters, said that the fog, and condensation sticking to the helo's exterior, were thick on takeoff.

AUGUST 27, 1990 – Stevie Ray Vaughan died in helicopter crash

Vaughan's helicopter, registered as N, was piloted by Jeffrey W. Brown, who was unfamiliar with the flight pattern for exiting the area over a high altitude and in dense fog. Brown had a bit of a colorful aviation career to that point. Records from the Federal Aviation Administration FAA showed that he had been involved in two previous minor crashes, including an "uncontrolled collision with the ground" in and a crash in September blamed on engine malfunction.

The commercial pilot has also had his certificate suspended for four days in for improper marking of an aircraft, according to FAA spokesman Roland Helwig, at the agency's center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And, on top of that, despite having a commercial helicopter rating, and being certified to instruct in helicopters, his instrument rating was only valid for flying in airplanes - not helicopters - a skill requisite to his intended flight.

SRV's Bell Helo

Brown was guided off the landing zone, flying at a high speed about a half-mile from take-off. It then, however, veered off to one side, disappeared into the darkness. At the airport in Kankakee, Illinois, the electronic signal sent by an emergency locator transmitter ELT was received shortly afterward, and local authorities were quickly notified, Walworth County Sheriff Dean R.

Stevie Ray - Six Strings Down Jimmie Vaughan

McKenzie said. Authorities traced the signal to Walworth County by about in the morning — around the same time that Omni Flights concluded that one of their Jet Rangers was missing — and then contacted sheriff's deputies about 5. At that morning, sheriff's deputies began searching the hill with help from the Civil Air Patrol. This makes the third week. We have had two lots to look over, the first peo By John George Wood Harry and his father David T.

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